Monday, September 7, 2009

Pondering the Previous

I was in Paris in May.  One day I wandered and eventually stumbled over a passage couveret (covered - the original shopping mall!) and along that passage was a store that dealt in old stamps.  I purchased a bunch of them to use in my card creations.  I think they were 15 / one Euro and I thought that a bargain.  I ported them home and put them in my embellishment drawer, forgotten.  Until today, today, I was looking for just the right thing to finish a card that still needed a little something more and I came across that envelop of old stamps.  While the theme of the card was really France, the stamp from Portugal was the one that matched the color scheme.  As I began to carefully remove the paper from the back of the stamp in order to apply adhesive, I began to ponder.  Who wrote the mail that this was used for, who purchased it, who licked the stamp.  When did this person send this letter, was it a love letter, a bill, or a sad announcement.   Did this person live a happy life, live into old age, were they famous or just an extraordinary human? Was I ever in the same place as the person who purchased this stamp?  All this wondering, pondering, musing over a stamp that cost me a mere 9 cents.

The cards are thank you cards for the birthday presents, a lot late, but well thought out!  Pay attention you could be on the receiving end of one of these overly considered creations!

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