Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting There

I have never been the greatest of drivers. Some would not say that I am even competent. My fathers favorite parting words are “Keep your head out of your ___ and remember that you are pushing 4 tons of steel down the road. I occasionally remind him that my car is probably not that heavy anymore. I quite counting my accidents at 21, and that was several years ago. I have had only 2 vehicles that I did not crash. I totaled a sweet little black Honda Del Sol, and my last car was a rockin’ Black PT Cruiser. I have had fantasies of renovating (probably the wrong car word, but hey I am a girl) a old 41 Chevy that my family still owns. It would be safer ride, but imagine the gas mileage! I currently sport a Honda Civic hybrid. The choice was between the Civic and a PT Cruiser convertible. That convertible was sweet, but Jodi was convinced I needed the side airbags. It was a little disconcerting to total another car and I thought maybe I could also decrease my impact on Mother Earth.

It has been a good choice, while everyone else was crying about gas prices I went to the pump about half as much as before. She is not the hottie that my Cruiser was, but she has a nice aqua sheen in the right sunlight.

So today I am at a stop light, the light changes, I am in the process of putting my foot on the gas and someone honks! Not even 3 seconds after the light changed! What inspires that sort of impatience? I can tell you that I bought that car to change my gas usage and an impatient person behaving poorly in line behind me does not change my slow acceleration, as a matter of fact it reminds me that I MUST accelerate slowly to maintain good gas mileage. So if you are in a turn lane behind a irridicent Honda Civic Hybrid and are in a hurry my advice is to be patient, you will get there quicker.

On lighter note I got home in plenty of time to give my stinky little dog Lucy a bath, isn’t she a beauty?

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