Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peche et Pistache Macarons

I wanted SOMETHING new today.  I thought it would be a cut or color, but after  a snit once because my stylist cut my hair too short for the umpteenth time, I quit going to her for a 2 years.  So now when I ask for her to cut my hair short, she prevaricates, a lot. So she trimmed and highlighted it.  But I had not given up on the new thing.  When I was in Paris, one of the Pierre Herme macarons I had was apricot and pistachio.  I have been thinking about that macaron, a lot.  Several weeks ago I purchased shelled and lightly salted pistachios.  A couple of days ago I broke eggs, separated,  weighed and sifted the almond flour and powdered sugar.  Tonight I did my best to recreate them, but with peaches instead.  I started and then began to wonder if I had any way to make them orange, but I had some yellow food coloring along with red, so I was set.  I cooked, whipped, and mixed, toasted, pureed and cooked some more.  They puffed up just like they are supposed to.  They have lovely dainty little feet, as I am told they are to have.  They are pretty and they taste great.  They may be my favorite macarons yet, they have that sweet salty tension that I like, a lot. All I can say is Pierre Herme you better watch out, because these are good, a lot!  

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