Saturday, September 12, 2009

France to the Hoosier

I worked my tail off today (Don’’t I wish!) to reward myself with a visit to the French Market. A fund raiser for a local school, St. Joan of Arc. I went hoping for a little taste of France and what I got was a Hoosier version of what people here THINK France is like. As far as France was concerned it was a disappointment. On the people watching front, though it was rich. I took in children, bright eyed, rosy cheeked, and dancing, women in shorts, loose tops and hair twisted up. Older women trying to look twenty and fifteen year olds trying to look thirty, skinny women, well fed women, and a few actually attractive ones as well were all there on the stage in front of me. Grizzled old men, fat men, men dressed as gangsters, and men enjoying the women on the stage in front of me were there too. There were booths with french onion soup, wild mushroom crepes, snails, mussels, and Mousse, to name a few. I tries the crepes, they were o.k. not really French. I also asked for a glass of Vouvray, A gray topped dude named Rich poured a Vigoner and when I asked for the Vouvray, he still poured something else, like I did not know the difference. I hope some one treats him that way some time, is is so pleasant to be brushed off in that manner. I sat a while and watched the band that was to start at 1900, tinker with their microphones until about 1930 and when they finally started, then the dancing started. I wanted to get up and dance too, but was alone and would have felt like a geek. Finally it was getting dark and I did not want to walk to the car alone in the dark, so I went for some mousse to round off the evening and THEY WERE OUT! I handed the first person I saw my last 2 tickets (you had to purchase tickets for the food) and walked back to the car. Yep, you can take the Hoosier to France, but you can’t bring France in to the Hoosier!

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