Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At the feet (and paws) of Angels

I sit here, in effect at the feet of some angels, my friends (and I am privileged to call them friends) Denise, and Rhonda. Denise had shared her story at least 20 times for our SANE class.  Twenty times!  She has shared her pain, fear, the horror of her rape, and the aftermath. Twenty times, each time more triumphantly she has shared what she has done with that horrible situation to make her own version of Lemonade.   

As I type Rhonda is talking to a bunch of people, who tend to be pretty resistant to her message.  She is imparting information, tools that the women in this class will absolutely need.  She is talking about knowing yourself, checking in and caring for yourself.  Rhonda is one of the few people I know who listens, REALLY listens.  I guess she should be good at it.   I experience her like one of those big papasan chairs,  you like them when you see them,  know it will be a good experience, and as you sink into her you just enjoy!  That is our Rhonda.  

As we began to wrap up class, Denise and I cleaned up the snack area.  We needed to return the coffee pots to the various offices and as we entered the Legacy House Space there was three little angels all thrilled and wiggly just to see us.  Gracie, Sophie and Oliver are all working dogs, they are therapy dogs there in Legacy House.  Gracie has full tenure, but Oliver and Sophie are both still pups and learning the ropes.  All three bring joy in a fluffy bundle.  I wandered home full of gratitude and smiles over those darn cute dogs!

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