Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cinnamon Hamburgers

Today was a great day for me, filled with lecturing about my passion (Forensic Nursing), meetings, and more meetings.  Something in me is stirred by human interactions.  The tossing out of concepts, ideas and feelings; batting it back and forth and finally concluding the interchange.  I came home with my mind racing about plans for handling this issue, how to get newly developed  photos to law enforcement, and all that I wanted to accomplish at home this evening.  In addition I was concerned about Jodi as the mother of a dear friend of hers had died last night. You know, one of those mothers that you claim for your own too. 

We were supposed to have hamburgers last night for dinner and time got away from both of us and it did not happen.  So in an honest effort to not be wasteful I made hamburgers tonight on the grill, intending to have one tonight and one later.  There is a spice mix I love called Joe’s stuff.  I originally purchased some in New Orleans years ago, used it all up and when my friend Amy went I asked her to bring me some back.  She sure did, she brought back the industrial size bottle (about a cup or so) and it has lasted me for a long time. I am a steak tartare fan.  Subsequently I like my meat barely cooked and my favorite way to have a hamburger is very rare liberally laced with Joe’s Stuff. I prepared my burgers, coked them, prepared my bread, good hoosier tomato, lettuce and mayo, placed  the burger on it and sat down to eat.  The first few bites were pretty nondescript. then I began to wonder if the meat was bad, something did not taste or smell right.  But the sell by date was not up yet, and while It did not smell right, it did not taste spoiled, just not ‘right’.  I fussed and stewed and finally looked at the counter, where sat a jar of cinnamon, what I had used to lace my burger tonight, rather than Joe’s stuff!  Needless to day Jodi’s dog, Sophi,  gets the other one!

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  1. Nice to meet you RosieCaro! I'm answering your question from Bloomington about the fun Farmhouse cafe and tea room I stumbled across. By the way, I love grilling out hambugers too:) Well this quaint little restaurant is near Nashville, Indiana and their phone number on this menu is 812-988-2004. They don't list an address to google, sorry. Also, if you use a GPS I remember her saying it listed them in Morgantown, but they really aren't in Morgantown, nearby:)
    Oh my that all sounds confusing! Good luck and hope you make it there.