Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chenonceau Mornings

It was another time and another place several years ago with another person. My first road trip in France included a visit to Chenonceau. It was a well worried trip and included a night at a hotel very near the castle. Auberge du Bon Laboureur, had been recommended by multiple people on multiple web sites. The visit, to what is still to this day my favorite castle of the Loir, was magical to me. After we dinned at the Auberge in the garden behind where we indulged in a lamb and spinach plate. I do not remember much else, other than it was a fabulous meal. Good food, good company and a lovely environment, all made it memorable. We went to bed well sated. The room was nice, a comfortable bed, toile walls and windows without screens that opened to the street. It rained during the night as we slumbered in our gastronomic high and we woke to the softest spring morning I have ever experienced. The world was right at that moment, birds singing, the soft spring air on our skin, the essence of fresh rain, resting in a comfortable bed with a person I loved. I thought life could not get any better. In the ensuing years I have experiences other ”Chenonceau mornings”, some with the other person who really gets that and many without. This morning is such a day. It rained last night, seriously rained and the earth is redolent of wet. The birds are ecstatic with the morning pickings and are proclaiming it with loud passion. Yesterday I prepared Croissant dough and this morning rolled it out, rolled them up and baked lovely golden flaky croissants. These I served with Rhubarb jam that I made last week with rhubarb from my parents garden, and cafe au lait. I don’t know how many Chenonceau mornings I have left, but I do know that I appreciate (recognize the full worth) of each one granted me.

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