Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring's Generosity

Today I went out with Lucy and perused my strawberries, there were some ripe, succulent and ready to be enjoyed! I am loving this years reawakening of the earth. Last year, after my return from Paris, I promised myself to be home in April, May and June hence forth. My pleasure in my yard had been diminished over the last several years with vacations smack in the middle of Spring. This year has been so sweet, maybe even sweater because of the dearth of enjoyment in recent years. God has watered in just the right quantities. The birds are plump with worms and singing their joy each day. My roses are all in full bloom and even ready to be pruned. The forget-me-not’s are opening their tiny periwinkle faces to me. They were my grandmothers favorite flower, between them and the lilly of the valley (just done blooming) she has been on my mind frequently this spring. My water lilies are opening their pink blossoms to the sun each morning in worship. The grass is green and velvety on my feet as I walk in my yard.

Picking the tender, fragrant crimson strawberries this morning reinforced my determination to stay home and participate in the beauty unfolding right here in my own back yard, it is not Kansas, nor Oz, but it is heavenly!

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