Friday, May 21, 2010

Breathing in the Pace of Eden

Ham patiently wrapped around tenter asparagus, Eggs folded over gently sautéed spinach and spring greens, pasta marinated in pesto then sprinkled with feta, all of this drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. This plate of succulence, all accompanied by coffee, juice and a treat of fresh blueberries, crumbled pound cake and whipped cream, yes it is a lovely place to breath in the pace of eden.

We arrived in St. Louis last night just after dark and while it was evident that the Park Avenue B&B is lovely, it was a little hard to appreciate the beauty of the building and the grounds. After putting our things in the room we went down to the parlor last night with our lap tops, lured by brandy available to us in the decanter. There was not much brandy there, but as we are both lightweights, it was plenty. But there was lovely music playing, the room is decorated with antiques and a lovely victorian elegance. To our pleasure, Kathy brought us a glass of champagne to enjoy, since there was not much brandy. The wine was much more our style anyway and it was a lovely way to wind up our first evening in St Louis.

We are staying in the fleur-de-lys room here, complete with walk in shower and jacuzzi. There are a couple of tastefully placed fleur-de-lys around the lovely victorian room. It is cozy, lovely and just right for a quick episode of relaxation.

Jodi quickly got to work taking photos of the room, before we placed our own brand on it. She is still unnerved by the shadow she could not seem to get out of her photos, even more by the light that came on in the middle of night during a storm. She does not think it humorous that I keep telling her it is a lingering spirit. I did not wish to unnerve anyone else with talk of ghosts at breakfast so the verdict is still out on spirit inhabitants, but I really like the human ones.

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