Monday, April 26, 2010

14 vs 50 March 26, 2010

I don’t remember much about our last day in Texas, we lazed around some, finally got our act together to go to South Padre Island. This was Courtney’s favorite part of the trip! Why is water the best part for a kid, even when there are no other kids around? It was pretty nippy and I was glad I had worn a cover up, Of course the bathing beauty had to show off her loveliness, so she pranced beside me in her bikini. O, to be that young, innocent and cocky again, not! The beach was pretty littered, and sparsely dotted with people. My favorite moment is captured in the action shot I have added! Dinner time came soon and we went to a new “ little place” for shrimp, and boy were they good! Dirty Al’s served up big delicious shrimp and seasoned fried for a reasonable price, with a view of the water. It was definitely more my favorite part of the day! Interesting isn’t it that at 14 your favorite part is prancing in your bikini, and at 50 mine is the shrimp!

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