Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weddings, Iguanas and Learning

The last three days have been long days of study for me and R&R for Jodi.  Until my last session the  the conference was been excellent, the venus beautiful and the meals that were included were pretty darn good for conference food.  Here food is very expensive  yet the IAFN conference planners found a way to have tasty satisfying meals in this environment.  Thursday lunch  was salad followed by pork and rice.  Friday we  had a salad and garlic bread followed by chicken with an Alfredo pasta.  and Alas today I did not get lunch.  We are definitely on “Island time” and by the time the server got to the table there was not time to order and get our food in time for me to get to the next session.  Yesterday we were so excited as there was the cutest wedding just outside our patio.  There is a labyrinth here right outside our patio, and it was all set up for something, the next thing I knew was there was some great music being played out there and people all dressed up arriving.  So we did what any good voyeur would do and we got out cameras and took pics of the wedding, it was a lovely small wedding, MIchael Buble sang It's you as she walked up to her groom.  The preacher spoke of sweet words and sweet kisses being an important part of a marriage, and then he put Puerto Rican honey on their pinkies and had them put it on their lips.   HE sent them off with a jar of Honey and I also heard him loud and clear promise to send more then it was gone.  AND that he would pray for them every day!  I had to go back to class, but later when I got back to the room, Jodi was out wandering, when I found her she was out on the big verandah and  we spotted multiple iguanas floating the trees having a snack.  For dinner Thursday evening we went to the Stingray Cafe, which was delish!  I had scallops accompanied by baby greens, and a fig dressing sitting on a bed of truffeled edame puree.  That and a glass of wine were perfect!  Last night the Indiana IAFN contingent ate at Le Piccolo Fontana.  They put us in a private glass room, which was nice for both us and the other patrons.  Jodi and I shared  a caprese salad, then Chicken Parmesan which was good enough.  We also shared a bottle of a tempranillo, which was very nice.  Today the conference is over, I went to all my sessions, but I had to leave the last one, it was just not what I thought I had signed up for, nor is it anything I can use.  So  skipped out on the break!  ( Edited by Jodi)

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