Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Small Things

After working late last night in a productive frenzy, I got out of an all day training early today!  It is hot and humid in a way that I have only experienced in Indiana and during my sojourn in St. Louis.  I quickly let Lucy out to do her stuff and raced with her back into the cool house.  How grateful I am on days like today for the luxury of air conditioning!  As I was shutting the sliding door though, I noticed through the glass the loveliest huge bees feeding in my garden, they are feasting as I did last weekend at Devour Downtown. Sliding in and out of the fuchsia coronets  of my flowers as they experience their progressive dinner, they buzz and hum.  What a joy to see them enjoying their feast with the same pleasure I felt last weekend as I dinned with friends.   How quickly amazement creeps up on one, the small blessings of life.  

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