Sunday, August 16, 2009

Devour Downtown, One inch of Grass and a New Cousin

This week has certainly been a full one!  I have seen a present day Hatfield and McCoy feud in my very own family, gained a new cousin and behaved in a most hedonistic fashion.

First things first.  My brother and his neighbor are in a feud, over one inch of grass.  Can you believe it, one inch of grass!  It seems that my brother was “helping” his neighbor by cutting the grass onto his property, and the neighbor did not like the level of my brother’s lawn mower.  And the merde hit the fan when my sweet niece, who would have been about 12 or 13 at the time mowed and the neighbor I shall call “Elmer” allegedly got in my bothers face about it.  So my brother just quit mowing the grass on that side of his yard.  This summer “Elmer” spent the time and money on a 50-60 foot 6 foot fence.  Which he place exactly 4 inched on his side of the property.  Tuesday I was at my brothers fixing a pizza and spending some quality time with my niece (one of my favorite pastimes) and my brother said “ I am going to go see if that weed eater works, I have been tinkering on it.”  I heard it start to hum and thought happily, “it’s working.”  He came in a little while later and said “ the oddest thing happened, it sounded like someone was throwing rocks at the other side of the fence out there while I was trimming.”  I was joyfully placing mushrooms, sausage and mozzarella on the pizza when “Elmer came to my brothers back door pounding and saying “you get out here”, I finished and went out to see what was brewing.  There was “Elmer” demonstrating how he had placed his fence 4 inches on the other side of the property line and how my brother had trespassed onto his property, this tirade while standing firmly on my brother’s property!  My initial reaction was to get tickled, as it was ludicrous and then to think what an ass.  So amusingly enough I send my 45 year old brother to the house and tried to reason with the gentleman, indicating that he had really set my brother up to fail with this one if he didn’t was him weed eating there.  He had to tell me his whole side of the sordid story.  And I shared with him my philosophy about how it would be a pretty worthless argument on his deathbed and didn’t he think maybe relationships were more important than one inch of grass, because that is what this argument is really about, one inch of grass.  Utterly Amazing

Then the same day I get a call from my mother at work asking me what I was doing. 

“Well, I am working Mother,” I said. 
She replied, make sure you call me later; I have something really important to tell you.

“You can’t do that, what is going on?”

“It seems that this lady contacted your Uncle on Face Book and he told her that he did not need any more friends, so after a couple of tries (HE says he was not very nice to her) she contacted your cousin with the same last name.  He asked her to prove her allegations that she is related to us.  So she did.  Sending a birth certificate, an adoption form and a brief rundown of the events of her life.  My mother showed me the birth certificate and said, “that is my sisters signature, I am totally sure, I would know it anywhere.”  It seems I have a cousin 2 years older than I.  This is amazing, joyful and exciting to me.

So I have celebrated!  In Indianapolis each summer and winter there is an event called Devour Downtown.  I have managed so far to indulge in Salmon at Palomino with my boss, Goat Cheese Ravioli at Scholars Inn with my ex, and Filet with Béarnaise at Morton’s with a friend from work.  The whipped cream was going to see Julie Julia last night.  I loved it, maybe almost as much as Momma Mia and Something’s Gotta Give.  That is saying a lot!  I liked the pure unadulterated joy in the relationships of both heroines, I liked the food and lastly I thoroughly loved the scenes of Paris.  It is an owner!

I wonder what next week could do to top this one!  

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