Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tea and Friends

Go in on Sunday, stay late on Tuesday, go home early on Thursday; being salaried can be a big drain, and a big pleasure.  Today I took off at noon to meet my best bud.   We met at a great little place in downtown Indy called the Tea Cozy.  We entered off of Market St. west of the circle, into an oasis of green accented with some black. It reminded me of the store, Darjeeling, where I purchased a lovely soutien gorge (Bra) in Paris.     There was not an available table on our arrival so we waited in a charming area filled with couches, hassocks, hats, hatboxes and china.  We both ended up eating a delectable sandwich with Turkey and Swiss on a croissant WITH apple butter.  It was a perfect blend of the sweet and savory!  We also had a cup of the standard tortellini and spinach soup!  Tasty.  For dessert I had the Sticky Toffee pudding, which I had to tell our waitress, was better than what I had in London last June!  All in all, this entire place is a little sweet little retreat in the middle of downtown Indy.  Next on our schedule is a trip back for a real afternoon tea!  Sounds like a trip after work one day soon to me!

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