Friday, July 10, 2009

Ma Boulangerie Monday July 6, 2009

As I waited for experiment # 2 to bake this morning the smell was heavenly. I opened the house for it is supposed to be in the low 80s here today.  I could not resist, I had to have one little look to see how they were progressing. They looked lovely, beginning to become a golden brown, puffing right up, which #1 had not done!  These looked like they would be good.

I pull them out of the oven, they are beautiful, and since this is to by my 4th of July holiday (I spent Friday the 3rd in the hospital doing a case) I am going to savor them with some fanfare!  I pull out the cake server, a couple of paper doilies and place them lovingly on the plate I have prepared.  I hear my neighbor’s air conditioner begin to hum, the sound of another neighbors lawn mower and I breathe.  I promised myself I was going to take the time to breathe after my recent sabbatical, Sabbath from my life, as I know it. I was even provided a visual while I was gone, a reminder that I needed to take time to breathe every day.  I like to think I am somewhat balanced, but I felt like I was pirouetting through life rather than living it. So I took today off to take the same time everyone else had off, to breathe.  I breathe them in, they smell fabulous.

No point I not treating myself special so I set up a place setting with a glass of orange juice that I just squeezed on Saturday, Cafe Au Lait, a plate, I even put my jelly in a sweet little dish. And then I sat down and took my first bite.  I taste sweet yeasty bread “Oh, my God, they taste just right!”  I thought as I chewed. They are good.  To be honest I am thinking a little lower temperature for a couple more minutes, but darn these are good!  Yes, my trip to Paris to learn how to make Croissants was a success!

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