Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kissing the Pig Again! 5-23-13

5-23 Florence
This morning was an early morning, UP at 6:15 leaving the cottage at 7:15 and left Certaldo at 7:48, a train we barely caught! But we did. We arrived in Florence to the Maria VocellTrain Station and a new experience for me, so far the city is much filithier than I remembered, and some of the people have been down right rude. With my typical blondness we arrived at our appointment at to see the David an hour early, so we are spending time getting coffee and resting. Caffe Latte and a corenetto (with honey on top - not a happy moment for Jodi) , Capuccino and a goodie for me that the counter lady recommended and it was yummy. An Apple duumplingy thingy with almonds on top, definitely a do over.
THE David, in the accademia museum was this time surrounded by a glass barrier, because some idiot tried to tear him up with a hammer a few years ago. I got SO tickled, some little guy was sitting there beside me, and he said, "can you imagine that ass in a pair of levis?" He was right, it would look pretty good. We didn't dawdle as I wanted to go to the market, I had a purse agenda, and find it I did, as well as a pair of black sandals. We went to lunch at a place where this guy was standing out on the sidewalk and graciously seated us, and then the minute we were seated became surly. The whole expereince was rather surly, other than my food was good. Jodi had Bruschetta and grilled veges: eggplant, zucchini and red pepper. We ordered a appetizer and a second , and they brought both of Jodi's items together and then when I had the nerve to wonder where mine was, I was scolded and told I should have TOLD them that I wanted my appetizer first. LORD, nothing like getting it and then being scolded because I thought I understood the status quo. My Carpaccio and spinach and ricotta Ravioli in a Truffle sauce while cold was very good. The name of the restaurant is Da Pinocchio's near the old central market, try it at your own risk. Maybe your food will be warm, just make sure to tell them you want your appetizer before your entree!
Part of my frustration was that we had a 3PM reservation at the Uffizi. I had made reservations at both art museums while still in the states, and was pretty worried that the fact that I only had a reservation on my phone would be a problem, however, they just looked at my phone and at my ID, well at the Accedemia, they did, I tried to use my international drivers licsence at the Uffizi and the lady just laughed at me and handed it back Interesting thing the Uffizi, there is tow things going on, first a big chunk of the rooms were closed off, and there is a huge amount of work, so you have to walk through a about 10 galleries that are empty to get out of the place, seems that if you are being cheated out of a bunch of art, they should discount the tickets! I am always calling Ghianna a Botticelli angel and so it was fun to show Jodi what I meant by that. Old "Venus Rising" is still a sight for sore eyes, as well as many of his Marys. I think the Botticellis are my favorite there.
Then back to a little shop where I cold find some paper, JOdi sat and waited on a wall and listened to an accordion player while I was lured into a shop and bought a silver copy of a florin. There right infront of my eyes was a gelato shop that sang to me, so we had a tiny scoop, chocolate for her and pistachio for me. IT was my first go at pistachio, and to be honest after all these years, I get why Emily threw a tantrum when her scoop fell out of her cone and landed on the ground. It was delish! For sure it is a do over! Ponte Vecchio was right there in front of us, speaking to our cameras, so we took a bunch of pictures, had a walk on the bridge and then headed back towards the train station. Jodi's favorite thing was the bronze pig, which we both rubbed and kissed, just for good measure, because we would like to return!
The train trip back was uneventful, a nice rest, and then a quick trip back to the cottage and bed!

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