Friday, May 24, 2013

Fleeing the Regatta to Tuscany 5-19-13

Leaving Venice was bitter sweet, because I did not get go accomplish all I had wanted. We saw much evidence of the regatta as as we rose the crowded Vaporetto out of Venice. There were regular rowing boats with teams, there were kayaks, larger boats with teams of 10-12 people all rowing unison, the inevitable water taxis and the last of the Vaporettos , The Vaporetto was filled with tourists and Venitians escaping what was sure to be a mad day in their city. I would often note the head toss, the look or the sniff of an elderly Venetian that indicated their lack of appreciation at the Euros pouring in their city. I can't really say that I do not understand, however, I am not sure what Venice would do without the tourism. Needless to say I could not resist a few last minute photo opportunities!
Driving from Venice to Certaldo was not a difficult thing, however arriving in Certaldo and finding Via Cavour, was another. I thought Bloomington Indiana had the most one way streets EVER, but Certaldo has it beat, and their way of arranging them, has Bloomington beat too! Serendipitously we did find the street we needed, and walked up to ( for privacy sake I am changing the address) 19 I was dismayed as it was a obscure business. This man was so easy to work with that I have beena little uneasy the whole time, because in France I have to have a document signed and notarized (almost in blood), so to just arrive and pay, way a little worrisome to me. So I checked my e-mail again and I had the house number wrong it was 18, and there were their names on the door. We were an hour early, since we had had the chance to leave Venice early because of that dratted regatta.
We parked the car near out land lords house, and walked to a little coffee shop we had noticed on our way in to town. Poor Jodi, her eyes lit up at a croissant filled with cream, only to taste lemon, as she but into it. It was really a very nice mild lemon, but still not what she was hankering for. Anyway there were facilities and the people were nice. Jodi noticed that it was filled with a lot of old men. and so it was. The nice thing is that there are no smoking laws here now too, so it is not unpleasant to be in a coffee house full of old men! There was a town fair going on, a school or church selling pizza, of which we bought a couple of pieces. Onion and Sausage without sauce for me, and a margarita for Jodi, which was a disappointment for both of us later. Not enough cheese for her and I rather like sauce of some sort. FInally we met up with out landlord whom we followed out of the city at a breakneck pace to the cottage. It is a cute little place, actually had 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. What it does not have is heat and with 50 degree nights we are sort of peoplesicles. It is way out in the country, gravel roads, miles of grapes and olives, and incredible vistas. We jumped into bed trying not to freeze.

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