Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last Days

 Last days are hard, it always seems like there is so much I want to see, do or get that even though we tried to have a relaxing last day, it did not work for us.  The first order of business was to go purchase the purses we had coveted all week.  We marched back to the 7th, back past Reed restaurant, to buy those purses.  I picked out a lovely tan leather and Jodi, well, gray, her favorite color!  Back to the apartment to drop them off, heaven forbid we scuff them.  Then back to the 6th to buy some Eiffel Tower glasses that I had been dreaming of for quite a while.  This store too, had been closed yesterday.  But they were open today and I bought all six for a mere 29 euros! They were not so fun to carry, and I shipped them home, so I PRAY that they all make it!  Next on the agenda was Luxembourg gardens for some R & R.  
On the way I had to “window lick” these desserts some.  They are just so lovely in a way we in the states NEVER take the time to prepare them.  I bought tow macarons;  banana, which was heavenly, (now to see if I can duplicate the flavor), and cherry -cassis which had a tiny cassis berry inside!  The wedding dresses in Paris always amaze me, one day we saw a young woman in the metro with a frothy white dress pouring out of a huge shopping bag.  IT was cool in the shade at the Medici Fountain.  Old Marie De Medici got around, staying at the Chateau de Vincennes, and now building Luxembourg Palace and this garden.  I am thinking she got a bad rap as a manipulative old biddy.  I, for one, appreciate her efforts in this particular garden.  I knitted, Jodi messed around taking photos and eating her new brand of Lays, Bolognese.  We loitered for quite a while, until the lure of the souvenir shops became too strong.  We found the things we wanted or thought we needed, and headed for Pont Neuf to tell Paris good bye.  My  sorrowful farewell was interrupted by a young miss who was waiting on a lover.  She just marched right up, right in and plopped down right between the both of us.  Eventually he too showed up and we were witness to some serious sucer face (sucking of face).  We loitered there for a while, until  hunger overtook me, but in all fairness it was 9 PM.  I was not sure we were going to find somewhere to serve us, but the Italian joint up the street from us, I had been eyeing all week, was gracious and fed us!  We went back satiated and watched my girlfriend put on one last show for us before we went to bed and I began dreaming of my next visit.

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