Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12

Today is October 12, 2009.  It is the anniversary of the arrival of the advent of my little brother, it is the birthday of  a student in the SANE class in which I teach.  It is fall, there is no denying it here in the Midwest.  It has become cool; long sleeve weather.  The trees are glorious shades of peachy red or deep maroon/purple.  And those leaves are falling, falling on the ground, into my pond, gutters, or occasionally flying through the air. They lay on the ground, sometimes creating their own little whirling dervishes.  Crunchy, soggy or springy, they scatter or pile up for us humans to step on, maybe shuffle through, leaving the bouquet of fall.  My day today was 0800 to 2200, so I took a quick break to go home and let my little Lucy out to potty and sneak a quick puppy smooch from her.  As I opened the deck door the rose bushes in my back yard beckoned me to visit.  I could not resist their call, and so out I waltzed with Lucy to inspect the determined bushes.  They still display a lovely array of yellow, pink, peach and red.  Further seduced, I went back into the house for a clipper to  bring a few in, just in case there is another frost tonight that will take them all out.  As I  cut, the sublime aroma of a rose wafted up to my nose, calling me to pull it closer and closer until in that moment I was inhaling a little corner of heaven, right there, right then.

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